AquaX Training

We will take you through every step of becoming trained to be an AquaX Racer.

  • Time: 3-5 hours depending on rider’s skill level
  • Taught by: Qualified AquaX Racer Training Instructor
  • Modules contained: Theoretical and practical
  • Price: Included in entrance fee

The syllabus is taught in conjunction with the AquaX rulebook and its function is to teach the rules and regulations of racing, rather than to teach riders how to race.

AquaX Racer Training teaches the pupils to race with due care and attention on the track and to respect the rules and fellow competitors in addition to the selection of aspects that help create such enjoyable and invigorating races. It covers, but is not limited to, everything from the start line alignment procedure, to flag and whistle communication, course design, turns, length and recovery in the case of an untimely dismount etc.

The training takes place and on the Friday before each event and pupils will need to arrive on time and bring their ski and equipment with them.

Once successfully completed the AquaX trainer will then sign off the pupil - Ready to Race – and they will be issued with a race licence.

AquaX Racer Training Syllabus - Theoretical

  • Championship
    championship, calendar, craft, class, and equipment.
  • Rider Registration
    Signing in, forms, race bib, race numbers.
  • Technical Inspection
    Forms, equipment requirements, tech stickers.
  • Riders’ Briefing
    Introduction to race crew, itinerary, race instruction contents, flags.
  • Dry & Wet Pits
    Rules, requirements, launching, refuelling.
  • Race Track
  • Rules, leaving the wet pits, practice, starts, race, finish.
  • Incidents
    Accident procedure, dismount retrievals, serious incident protocol.
  • General Racing Rules
    Rider responsibility, safety at sea, collision, signals, unsportsmanlike conduct, penalties.

AquaX Racer Training Syllabus – Practical

  • Kit Inspection
    Helmet, life vest, back protector, riding gear.
  • Tech Inspection
    Over view of craft.
  • Communication
    Visual, flags, whistle, hand signals.
  • Launching procedures
    Craning, slipway, team work.
  • Race Track
    Course, practice, start, racing lines, safe riding.
  • Rescue
    Break down, dismount, injury, using the life sled.
  • Riding at sea
    Navigational marks, tides, traffic, passing vessels, collision.

Riders will need to contact the Series Administrator in advance to book a training session.

Please note: completing the AquaX Racer Training course does not necessarily mean a pupil will be allowed to race. The pupil must demonstrate, to the instructor, a level of competence in order to gain a pass before being allowed to race.

The UK Only

Before you can apply for your racing licence you will need to show a level of riding competence. To do this all new riders must first pass the RYA PWC Competency Course, commonly referred to as ‘The RYA’ by those in the know. Most riders have already taken the course and passed it with flying colours, but if you haven’t then visit the RYA website for information on RYA Training and to find a training centre near you -

If you’d like more information then please contact us

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