P1 Panther

The P1 Panther 28SS powerboat is at the heart of the one-design P1 SuperStock championships.

Designed in 2010 and built in Florida around a single engine outboard configuration, this 28ft mono-hull race boat features state-of-the-art technology in hull design, safety ergonomics, digital telemetry, data acquisition and environmental stewardship.

The twin-step vessel started as a clean slate and was fully designed in the digital realm by some of the premier engineers in the industry. Affordability and accessibility are the basis for P1 SuperStock racing and the Panther was designed to deliver exactly this together with safety, adaptability and speed through outstanding technology.

Construction materials include bi, tri and quad-directional knitted fibreglass, with Kevlar utilized in selective parts of the cockpit area for added impact-penetration protection. Full support seats are mounted on a shock absorber system, providing nearly four inches of compressive travel in addition to the seat cushioning.

P1 Superstock - Grand Prix of the Seas. Powerboat Racing at its best!