P1 AquaX

AquaX is the fastest growing and most exciting personal watercraft (pwc) championship in the world. Its rapid growth is owed to a simple, yet challenging race format that appeals to today’s personal watercraft users.

The series was launched in the UK by London based sports promoter Powerboat P1 and grew quickly by attracting a mix of first-time and experienced racers to a new style of racing. In 2013, P1 rolled out a second series in the USA and such was the interest that the original format needed reviewing to cope with the abundance of new racers. By the end of 2015, the series had received over 400 registered entries from 11 countries.

2016 and 2017 was undoubtably years of extensive growth for AquaX with the unveiling of a Pro level championship in the USA and the launch of two further Pro/Am championships in Malaysia and the Great Lakes region of the USA.This year and with acquisition of leading European sprint series, Jetcross, and the launch of the European AquaX Pro Championships shows P1 is committed to delivering this exciting sport to a worldwide audience for years to come.

Classes are split into three categories of 200hp, 250hp and 300hp, courses are long but fun to ride, giving the competitors the chance to open up their throttles and enjoy the full performance of their craft in a safe and controlled environment.

The series is made up of several events where competitors earn points towards overall championship titles. The Championship enjoys busy grids from all walks of life and a huge camaraderie in the paddock as rider’s battle it out on the high seas together. The 30 min endurance races can be physically demanding in rough seas and a huge sense of achievement can be won just by finishing much of the time!

The series is highly competitive and is growing in popularity due to the great accessibility, ease and low cost of entry.

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