Powerboat P1 Management Ltd is the rights holder for P1 SuperStock, P1 AquaX and the soon to be launched P1 RIBs.

“By challenging the very nature of the sport, we have created championships based on parity and accessibility. This change will benefit the wider sport and our business both now and in the future”
Robert Wicks – COO

The successful promotion of Powerboat P1 championships has relied on building a wide based platform ensuring a logical career path for participants and commercial progression for teams, sponsors, venues, spectators and partners within the sport.

P1 has evolved and repositioned marine racing to a traditional motorsport model, through decreasing entry costs and increasing the participation base at all stakeholder levels. These are the defining criteria that differentiate P1 in the world of marine racing and makes it the largest marine racing platform in the world.

“There is no-one else in our market place creating a world series that has such integrity and parity at it’s heart. We believe Powerboat P1 will continue to lead the third motorsport category”
Asif Rangoonwala, Chairman, Powerboat P1

Powerboat P1 currently promotes and organises the following championships:

  • P1 SuperStock Championship – UK and US
  • P1 AquaX Championship – UK, US
P1 Superstock - Grand Prix of the Seas. Powerboat Racing at its best!